Personal Touch Vinyl cuts short-run high quality stereo records in Montreal, QC and Hamilton, ON.  We work on a German made lathe that cuts records in real-time, one at a time.  These records are perfect for DJs, bands or labels looking to do small-run boutique releases or vinyl enthusiasts looking for personalized copies of their friend’s tracks.  Available in 7” 10” and 12”, these are long-lasting records, very similar in quality to a pressed record you’d buy in a store.


The lathe is operated by Jackson Darby, an active member of the music scene in Canada and abroad and a member of bands including Persons, NPNP and Freaky Boos.  Jackson is a well versed audio producer, DJ, sound artist and engineer and is also the founder of Personal Records; a label that focuses on short-run vinyl releases of experimental and dance music.  

Personal Touch logo designed by: JG JG