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Personal Touch Vinyl provides short-run vinyl record production, mixing, mastering and printing services aimed at individuals, DJs, producers, bands and labels.  We believe that music is a sacred practice and that it should be treated as such. Streaming leads to a passive listening experience where the music falls to the background and doesn't get the attention it deserves. For us, vinyl commands attention.  The physical act of choosing a record and placing it on a turntable alone means that you are engaged in a meaningful way.  Our high-quality cuts allow your music and sounds to shine while we do everything we can to do justice to your artistic intention.  


We work on a highly modified German made VR-T560 that cuts records in real-time, one at a time.  We are constantly working and experimenting to improve our setup to provide the best quality product possible.  Currently, the lathe is driven by the highly sought after Technics SP-10 turntable known for its exceptional torque for minimal wow/flutter.  Available in 5" 7” 10” and 12”, these are long-lasting records, very similar in quality to a factory pressed record you’d buy in a store but are made by hand, 1 at a time, in real-time.  Our packaging is also printed in house on a large format printer and cut, glued and assembled by hand.  Our hope is that every record that leaves the Personal Touch studio ends up in the hands of someone who will cherish it forever.


The lathe is operated by Jackson Darby, an active member of the music scene in Canada and abroad and a member of bands including NPNP Trio, Body Hammer, Persons and Freaky Boos.  Jackson is an experienced producer, DJ, sound artist and engineer with a degree in Electroacoustics from Concordia University and training from Ulrich Sourisseau, the maker of the T560.  He is also the founder of Personal Records; a label that creates sonic artifacts for left field music projects as well as Cold Cache Records; an imprint that releases forward thinking 12"s for club use.

Personal Touch logo designed by: JG aka Material Group


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Photo: Guillaume Boulay

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Personal Records is an independent, short-run vinyl label based in Montreal creating sonic artifacts for left field music projects

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Cold Cache Records manufactures and releases forward thinking 12" dance discs cut loud for the club.

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